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About MSDE
General Department Information

MSDE Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Vision Statement
The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) exemplifies energetic leadership and innovative products and services to improve public education, library services, and rehabilitation services.

Mission Statement
The mission of MSDE is to provide leadership, support, and accountability for effective systems of public education, library services, and rehabilitation services.

Organizational Principles

  • We provide quality products and services to all customers.
  • We embrace the mission of the department as the basis for our program and professional objectives.
  • We believe in our obligation to be accountable to our customers and to use public resources effectively.
  • We believe people are our greatest resource and are committed to their growth and development.
  • We believe cultural diversity, mutual trust, respect, open communication, and celebration of achievements are essential to a productive organization.

Public Education Priorities

Student Achievement
The achievement of all students will reach the State standards for satisfactory and excellent for the Maryland Learning Outcomes and Core Learning Goals through instruction and support services to students.

Instructional Improvement
Maryland's educators will continuously refine, develop, and demonstrate knowledge and skills that ensure all students achieve or exceed established performance standards.

Accountability & Assessment
Clearly stated rigorous standards for school and student performance will guide the teaching, the learning processes, and measure their progress.

State Educational Leadership
The effective and efficient MSDE capacity to manage programs, personnel, and resources is critical to the quality of Maryland public education.

Division of Library Development & Services Priorities

Marketing and Public Relations
Identify and develop the services and products that meet the information needs of the public library community.  Ensure that key decision makers and the local community are aware of library services and issues.

Services to Children
Use the emerging issues, trends, and research related to reading and technology in order to enhance services to children and families in the local library setting.

Connection to Digital Information
Expand and enrich the capacity of Maryland residents to connect freely to electronic, digital information resources through the Sailor Project.

Library Services to The Blind And Physically Handicapped
Provide quality library services to meet the reading and information needs of blind and physically handicapped residents of Maryland.

Division of Rehabilitation Services Priorities

Employment Opportunities
Expand and enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through the use of innovative program initiatives.

Disability Claims Adjudication
Adjudicate Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability claims in an accurate, timely, and cost-efficient manner.

Rehabilitation Technology
Expand and enrich the availability and provision of assistive technology services which supports outcomes in independent living and employment.

Community Rehabilitation Services
Assist and promote the continued development of community-based rehabilitation services responsive to the needs, abilities, and informed choices of our consumers.

Consumer/Stakeholder Input and Participation
Support and encourage consumer/stakeholder input and participation in the independent living and vocational rehabilitation programs.

Contact Information
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-0100
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