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MSDE Logos and Templates

MSDE Downloadable Logos and Templates

There are 6 logos available for download as well as the MSDE Logo Standards Manual.

These images are in EPS, jpeg, and tiff formats at 300 dots per inch to give a good clear printing quality. They may appear a lot bigger on your screen than they will ultimately print out.

To download a logo for printing, click on the logo you need. Once the new page with that logo finishes loading, with the pointer over the graphic, (PC USERS) click the right button on your mouse, choose "Save (Image/Picture) As," (MAC USERS) hold down button and select "download image to disk" in the box that pops up. Select a destination folder on your computer. Then, it's ready to use.

Karen B. Salmon, Ph.D.

Karen B. Salmon, Ph.D. 300dpi photo link.

MSDE PowerPoint Template 2014

MSDE Publication Standards

MSDE Templates