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2008 Comcast PIMA Semifinalists

Comcast Parent Involvement Matters Awards Semifinalists

Susana Barrios, Baltimore City - Susana is not only a dedicated volunteer who is at the school daily, she is an integral part of the Patterson Park Public Charter School community. A speaker of Spanish, Susana translates school documents for parents and translates during meetings, clubs, and other school gatherings. Because of her efforts, Spanish-speaking families can stay informed and involved in the school. As if that weren't enough, Susana coordinates a math club, volunteers in the classroom, chaperones field trips, and leads a Girl Scout Troup.

Kelli Nelson, Carroll County - Kelli is a tireless advocate for children with disabilities. She has designed workshops for parents, school personnel, and other professionals to help them better serve the needs of children with disabilities. She has also served on or chaired numerous county and state councils and committees and has testified before the legislature on matters concerning students with disabilities. A leading advocate for the Infants and Toddlers Program, Kelli has developed positive relationships with policymakers who make decisions about funding.

Susan Rattman, Harford County - Susan created the Educational Partnership Initiative for parents of students receiving special education services. Through a series of training sessions and events, parents gain knowledge, practice skills, and build self-confidence that will help them become equal partners with the school system and an effective advocate for their children. The program has been so successful in Harford County that it is being replicated in Cecil County.

Annette Jackson-Jolly, Prince George's County - Annette is president of the Hyattsville Elementary School Parent Teacher Association. Under her leadership, the school's PTA has increased its membership and become more active and focused. Annette's recent accomplishments include organizing a successful letter-writing campaign to renovate the school's gym, leading the effort (with overwhelming parent support) to establish a policy requiring uniforms, and helping to establish an affordable after-school care program for parents with multiple children.

Lynn Cullins, St. Mary's County - Lynn has spearheaded a number of projects at Dynard Elementary in support of students and families. For example, seeing a need for "latch-key" students to have access to safety information, she designed a Family Safety and Wellness communication program that reached out to over 400 families. As a School Improvement Team member, Lynn learned about the regression of reading skills over the summer. Her family business has since donated funds to purchase summer workbooks to support students' reading skills. Wherever there is a need, Lynn works to meet it.

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