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(Valid certificate from another state; completion of an out-of-state approved program; met issuing state's qualifying scores to receive certificate)

Step 1.
 You must hold a valid (current) professional certificate from another state, completed an out-of-state apporved program,  and have met the issuing state's qualifying scores required for the professional  certificate.

Step 2.
 To request your initial Maryland certificate by mail, submit the following:

  • Official transcript(s) in an unopened mailer for all course work taken (community college, baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate, if applicable).  Your transcript must show the degree and date of conferral.  Student copies in an unopened mailer are also acceptable.
  • A  photocopy of your valid out-of-state professional certificate;
  • Verification of test scores for the required teacher certification tests for your out-of-state professional certificate.  (A photocopy of the test scores or an official verification from a state department of education will be accepted.); and
  • A cover letter with your name, complete mailing address, social security number, and the area of certification you are seeking.  Day time telephone number and personal e-mail address are encouraged.

  Send your complete packet to the following address:

                  Maryland State Department of Education
                  Certification Branch
                  200 W. Baltimore Street
                  Baltimore, MD 21201

Step 3.
We will determine your eligibility for certification and notify you in writing.

Contact Information
Maryland State Department of Education
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Phone:  (410) 767-0412 or toll free 1 (866) 772-8922
TTY/TDD:  (410) 333-6442
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