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Dictionary H - M

Historic Maryland certificate:
a previously issued certificate for which a certification area no longer exists, but whose certification standards are currently incorporated into other certificates. See Regulation .09F of this chapter for further details.


Institution of higher education (IHE): an accredited college or university that
meets one of the following standards:

(a) It is accredited by an accrediting commission in one of the regional associations of colleges and schools;

(b) It participates in the ICC or the NCATE programs; or

(c) Its course work is accepted by the state in which the institution is located for teacher certification purposes.

Interstate Certification Compact (ICC):
a legal agreement with other states to facilitate the certification of out-of-State teachers and other professional educational personnel as authorized by Education Article, Title 6, Subtitle 6, Annotated Code of Maryland, or as otherwise provided by law. Certification shall be issued only in accordance with the provisions of the agreements. An official list of approved states shall be maintained by the Assistant State Superintendent in Certification and Accreditation.


Local school system: a Maryland public school system, a State-operated school, or an accredited nonpublic school.

Long-term substitute experience: full-time, continuous substitute teaching service rendered in the same classroom for not less than 3 months.


Mentor: an experienced classroom teacher selected by a local school system and meeting the local criteria for that status.

Misassignment: assignment of a teacher to teach a subject for which no teaching license is held.

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