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Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Programs

Maryland's alternative preparation programs are tailored to meet the staffing needs of Maryland school districts, while providing the convenience necessary to attract experienced, diverse individuals to the classroom.  Many school districts offer alternative preparation, some in partnership with two-year or four-year colleges or other private providers.

Alternative preparation programs differ from traditional programs in that alternative preparation leads to teacher certification, but not necessarily to a degree.  Alternative preparation programs allow you to begin teaching and receiving a salary much earlier in your program, and they usually cost much less than traditional routes.  Because of the modified timeframe, alternative preparation programs are considered intensive and very challenging. 

Information for Potential Teachers

  • MAAPP Directory (September 2015)

  • How to Become a Teacher as a Career Changer or Recent College Graduate (November 2014)

  • Becoming a Teacher in Maryland as a Career Changer Aberdeen - July 2015

    Policy Documents

  • Guidelines for Implementing Approved Alternative Preparation Programs (July 2010)
  • RTC Academic Policy Memo (July 2010)
  • RTC Regulation 13A.12.01.07

    Forms and Handouts

  • MAAPP_Glossary (Revised March 2012)
  • Verification for RTC (Revised October 2007)
  • Verification for SPC (Revised October 2007) 

    MAAPP Program Review 

  • Alternative Teacher Preparation Program Proposal Template (July 2010)
  • MAAPP Preconditions (February 2015)
  • MAAPP Standards of Practice (November 2009).pdf
  • MAAPP Guidelines (November 2009).pdf 


  • AERA Paper on Career Changer Programs
  • NASDTEC Final Report (Teachers on the Move: A Look at Teacher Interstate Mobility Policy and Practice (May 2008) 
  • MARCO Final Evaluation Report (2003-2008) 
  • MSDE Research Database_12_04_09 Document 7.mdb


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    Maryland State Department of Education
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