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2005 HSA Technical Report

Technical Documentation for the
Maryland High School Assessment Program

Algebra/Data Analysis, Biology, English, Geometry
and Government End-of-Course Assessments



Section 1 Test Construction and Administration

Test Development
Table 1.1 Number of Items on Operational MHSA Forms by Item Type

  Test Specifications
Table 1.2 Algebra/Data Analysis Blueprint
Table 1.3 Biology Blueprint
Table 1.4 English Blueprint
Table 1.5 Geometry Blueprint
Table 1.6 Government Blueprint

Item Selection and Form Design
Table 1.7 Form Construction Specifications - January 05 Administration
Table 1.8 Form Construction Specifications - May 05 Administration
Table 1.9 Form Construction Specifications - 2005 Summer Administration

Section 2 Validity

Section 3 Scoring Procedures and Score Types

Scale Scores

Conditional Standard Errors of Measurement

Lowest and Highest Obtainable Test Scores
Table 3.1 LOSS and HOSS Values

Table 3.2 MHSA 2005 Cut-Scores

Section 4 Test-Level Analyses

Demographic Distributions
Table 4.1 Demographic Information for Algebra
Table 4.2 Demographic Information for Biology
Table 4.3 Demographic Information for Geometry
Table 4.4 Demographic Information for Government


Summary Statistics
Table 4.5 Mean Scores by Administration
Table 4.6 Comparison of Mean Scores
Table 4.7 Comparison of Passing Rates
Table 4.8 Comparison of Classification Rates for Geometry
Table 4.9 Summary Statistics for Algebra Primary Forms
Table 4.10 Summary Statistics for Algebra Make-Up Forms
Table 4.11 Summary Statistics for Biology Primary Forms
Table 4.12 Summary Statistics for Biology Make-Up Forms
Table 4.13 Summary Statistics for Geometry Primary Forms
Table 4.14 Summary Statistics for Geometry Make-Up Forms
Table 4.15 Summary Statistics for Government Primary Forms
Table 4.16 Summary Statistics for Government Make-Up Forms

Decision Consistency
Table 4.17 Decision Accuracy and Consistency by Administration and Content Area

Section 5 Field Test Analyses

Classical Item Analyses

Differential Item Functioning (DIF)

IRT Calibration and Scaling

Statistical Summary Tables
Table 5.1 Distribution of P-Values for January Field Test SR Items
Table 5.2 Distribution of P-Values for January Field Test CR Items
Table 5.3 Distribution of Item-Total Correlations for January Field Test SR Items
Table 5.4 Distribution of Item-Total Correlations for January Field Test CR Items
Table 5.5 January Field Test Items Excluded from Analyses

Section 6 English Test

Operational Item Selection
Table 6.1 - Table 6.10 Form K - Form P
Table 6.11 Classical Item Statistics Summary by Form
Table 6.12 Number of Items per Subscore Category by Form
Table 6.13 Number of Items Excluded from Selection by Reason

Calibration and Scaling
Figure 6.1 Test Characteristic Curves for English Forms
Figure 6.2 Conditional Standard Error of Measurement for English Forms

Factor Analysis Results

English Form E
Figure 6.3 Form E Scree Plot

English Form F
Figure 6.4 Test Form F Scree Plot

English Form G
Figure 6.5 Form G Scree Plot

English Form H
Figure 6.6 Form H Scree Plot

English Form J
Figure 6.7 Form J Scree Plot

English Form K
Figure 6.8 Form K Scree Plot

English Form L
Figure 6.9 Form L Scree Plot

English Form M
Figure 6.10 Form M Scree Plot

English Form N
Figure 6.11 Form N Scree Plot

English Form P
Figure 6.12 Form P Scree Plot


Summary Statistics of Student Achievement
Table 6.14 Demographic Information for the English Exam
Table 6.15 Summary Statistics for English Primary Forms
Table 6.16 Summary Statistics for English Make-Up Forms
Table 6.17 Percent of Students by Classification

Decision Accuracy and Consistency
Table 6.18 Decision Statistics for the English Exam


HSA 2005 Scoring Contractor's Report
A. 2005 Timelines
B. Student N Counts
C. January 2005 Agreement Rates
D. January 2005 CR Score Distribution
E. May 2005 Agreement Rates 
F. May 2005 CR Score Distribution
G. Summer 2005 Agreement Rates and CR Score Distribution
H. January 2005 Field Test Score Distribution and Agreement
I.  May 2005 Field Test Score Distribution and Agreement
J.  MI Data Validation Rules

A complete copy of the 2005 HSA Technical Report is also available.

Contact Information
Leslie Wilson, Assistant State Superintendent
Division of Accountability and Assessment
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
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