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For each test administration, the vendor and MSDE specialists developed manuals for test examiners and administration coordinators. For the High School Assessments, a separate Test Examiners’ Manual was developed for each of the five tests at each administration. The manuals include detailed directions for all aspects of test administration. Chapter 3 of the MDHSA technical report includes samples of the manuals that have been developed. Below is a sample Table of Contents for both the TEM and the TACM.

3.1 Test Examiner’s Manuals (2002 and 2003)

The Test Examiner’s Manuals include information for teachers, administrators, and proctors relative to the administration of the high school assessments. Although there is common information to each, a separate manual is prepared for each content and each administration (January and May). Typically, each manual contains the following information: 

Section 1 General Information
Description of the Tests
Testing Information
Test Schedule
Make-Up Schedule
Administration Monitoring by MSDE
Testing Materials
Test Security (Code of Ethics, Secure and Non-secure Materials)
Test Preparation (Eligible and Non-Eligible Examiners and Proctors)
Testing Cautions
Testing Accommodations
Distribution of Materials

Section 2 Before Testing 
Plan Your Testing Schedule
Review Test Materials and Prepare Answer Books
Prepare Testing Location
Train Proctors

Section 3 During Testing
Distribute the Materials
Administer the Test
Complete the Answer Book Information

Section 4 After Testing
Complete the Special Codes and Check Answer Books
Invalidate Student Answer Books
Complete the Documentation Forms and Return Test Materials
Administration Procedures for Students with IEPs Permitting a Dictated Response or Use of a Word Processor
Optional Discussion Guide for Teachers Following the High School Assessment Administration

Section 5 Appendices
Materials Return Form

Tables within each document provide information regarding testing schedules and allowable and prohibited aids. Sample documents for each year of administration are in this technical report.

3.2 Test Administration Coordinator’s Manual (2002 and 2003) 

These manuals are developed for use by Local Accountability Coordinators and School Test Coordinators. Beyond the information included in the Test Examiner’s Manuals, as listed above, the TACM includes information on the following topics as they relate to the high school assessments.

  • Braille and Large Print Books
  • Receipt and Distribution of Materials
  • Instructions to Local Accountability Coordinator Prior To, During, and After Test Administration
  • Instructions for School Test Coordinators Prior To, During, and After Test Administration
  • Packaging and Shipping Information
  • Frequently Used Contacts

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