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The Student Services and Strategic Planning Branch (SSSP) is responsible for providing leadership and technical assistance to local school systems with the implementation of programs and initiatives to facilitate the emotional, mental, social, and physical health of all students. These programs and initiatives include school counseling and career development, school psychology, pupil personnel, school social work, school health services, safe and drug-free schools, dropout prevention and alternative programs, home instruction, and initiatives to reduce disruption and violence, address at-risk behaviors, and facilitate achievement. The branch works collaboratively with other agencies, community organizations, and stakeholder groups around these initiatives.

In Focus

Combating Human Trafficking In Maryland

Recommendations For A Statewide Approach

2015 Update
2015 Update

In Focus

MSDE Emergency Planning and
School Safety

Information on emergency planning, school safety, and state regulations pertaining to schools
MSDE Emergency Planning and School Safety Guidelines

In Focus

USDE Emergency Guidelines

Guide For Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans
Emergency Planning and School Safety Guidelines

In Focus

Model Bullying Policy

Technical Assistance Bulletin for Implementing Maryland's Model Policy to Address Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation (2013)
Model Bullying Policy

Dropout Prevention School Completion Intervention Resource Guide (2012)

Providing school completion supports for Maryland students

Dropout Prevention School Completion Intervention Resource Guide 2012

The research is clear that there is an inextricable link between children's social, emotional, mental and physical health and their ability to learn. Children who are ill, abused, depressed, suicidal, addicted, or who have emotional problems are not able to benefit from the educational program. The focus of SSAP is to address these issues through both prevention and intervention strategies and programs to help students overcome challenges to learning and to achieve to high academic levels. Through many of its programs the branch also addresses the creation of safe and nurturing school environments conducive to learning.

Contact Information
Walter Sallee, Executive Director
Student Services & Strategic Planning Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-1407
 Local Contacts
Directors of Student Services
 Reportable Offenses Model Policy
Reportable Offenses Model Policy
 Gang Prevention and Awareness
Bullet Parents' Guide to Gangs
Bullet Street Outreach and the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model
Bullet Maryland's Model Policy to Address Gang activity and Similar Destructive or Illegal Group Behavior
 Child Abuse/Human Trafficking
Bullet Maryland's Resource for Mandated Reporters
Bullet Workgroup to Study Safe Harbor Final Report
Bullet Maryland's Response to Human Trafficking
Bullet Human Trafficking In America's Schools
 Technical Assistance Guide
Student Services Technical Assistance Guide
Bullet Providing Safe Spaces for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth
Bullet Transgender Companion Document #1 Guidelines for Transitions in Schools
Bullet Transgender Companion Document #2-Working with Parents and Community Members
Bullet Model Bullying Policy (2009)
 Attendance Works
Bullet Attendance Works
Implementation of State and Local School System Policies and Regulations to Address Gangs, Gang Activity, and Similar Destructive or Illegal Group Behavior 2016
Task Force on Compulsory Attendance
Task Force on School Safety
Student Discipline-Review of Local Policies and Procedures
Task Force to Study Students with Multiple Suspensions
 Supporting Students With Deployed Family Members
A Resource for Military Members, Spouses and Families
Military One Source
Military Child Education Coalition
MCEC Newsletter
Military Child Initiative through Johns Hopkins
Educator's Guide to the Military Child During Deployment
Parents Called to Active Duty: Helping Children Cope
Resources for Military Families
What Local School Systems are Doing for Families with Deployed Members
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