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Nonpublic School Approval
Nonpublic High School Transcripts

These Instructions are for Nonpublic High School Transcripts Only. Please Do Not Continue If You Attended A Public High School

Students who attended a nonpublic high school that has ceased operating may request a copy of their transcript from the Nonpublic School Approval Branch.

Allow at least 8 weeks to receive your transcript(s) from schools that ceased operating from 1987 to the present, and at least 12 weeks to receive transcript(s) from schools that ceased operating before 1987.

Please click on either form below and complete and sign the fillable or the pdf. version to request official transcript(s).

If you wish to speak to someone regarding the issuance of transcripts, you may call (410) 767-0409.

Official Transcript Request Fillable.docm

Official Transcript Request.pdf


Contact Information
Sarah Spross, Chief

Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Educator Effectiveness
Nonpublic School Approval Branch

200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  (410) 767-0409
Fax:  (410) 333-8963
Email:  sspross@msde.state.md.us
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