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Nonpublic School Approval
Approve all private schools except those that provide special education and/or are in licensed facilities under COMAR 13A.09.09 Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools
Approve educational programs in facilities licensed by state agencies and in schools operating special education programs under COMAR 13A.09.10 Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools and Child Care and Treatment Facilities
Register nonpublic schools operated by bona fide church organizations that have chosen to operate exempt from the requirement to hold a certificate of approval from the State Board of Education. Ref: Ed. Article §2-206 (e) (4)
Register nonpublic schools and education ministries that supervise home instruction.
COMAR 13A.10.01 Home Instruction
Maintain and issue secondary school transcripts for students who attended nonpublic secondary schools that have closed
Establish and maintain electronic database for nonpublic school community
Coordinate and implement staff development training seminar for the nonpublic school community
Maintain and issue Amended Certificates of Approval to Legal Authorities of nonpublic schools that have a change in specifications appearing on the Certificate of Approval
Administer Governor’s Merit Scholastic Award program in nonpublic secondary schools
Communicate with the nonpublic school community regarding programs and resources available through the Maryland State Department of Education
Regulate onsite monitoring of schools in licensed facilities and schools providing special education and related services
Provide consultative service in educational issues relating to the establishment and maintenance of nonpublic schools

Contact Information
Alexandra Cambra, Acting Branch Chief
Division of Educator Effectiveness
Maryland State Department of Education
200 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-2595
Phone: 410.767.0407
Fax: 410.333.8963
 Nonpublic Schools Workgroup
Nonpublic Schools Workgroup
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