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COMAR 13A.09.10

Educational Programs in Nonpublic Schools and Child Care and Treatment Facilities

Table of Contents

.01 Purpose and Scope

.02 Definitions

.03 Approval Documents for the Educational Program

A. Application for Approval Document
B. Letter of Tentative Approval
C. Certificate of Approval
D. Specifications Recorded on Approval Document
E. Operation Consistent with Specifications on Approval Document
F. Approval Document not Assignable, Transferable or Alterable
G. Posting of Approval Document
H. Changes in Specifications Recorded on Approval Document (Amendment)
I. Approval Required Prior to Implementation of Change
J. When Additional Classification(s) Not Permitted
K. Approval of Change as Means to Demonstrate Compliance
L. Notification Required Before Cessation of Operation
M. Approval Document - Null and Void

.04 Compliance

A. Compliance Required to Maintain Approval Document
B. Annual Report
C. School Open for Inspection

.05 Procedures and Sanctions for Noncompliance

.06 Certifications of Compliance

.07 Health, Fire Safety, and Zoning

.08 Public Relations Information

.09 Type I Educational Program - General Requirements

.10 Type I Educational Program - Student Records and PEP

.11 Type I Educational Program - Behavior Management

.12 Type I Educational Program - Privacy Rights

.13 Type I Educational Program - Instructional Materials and Equipment/Library Media Collection

.14 Type I Educational Program - Daily Schedule and Yearly Calendar

.15 Type I Educational Program - Requirements for General Education Programs

.16 Type I Educational Program - Requirements for a Secondary School Program

.17 Type I Educational Program - Requirements for a Special Education Program

.18 Type I Educational Program - Personnel Requirements

.19 Type II Educational Programs

.20 Type III Educational Programs


Contact Information
Sarah Spross, Chief

Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Educator Effectiveness
Nonpublic School Approval Branch

200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-0409


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