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Materials of Interest

Common Core

Maryland's New Common Core State Standards and Parents

Maryland's New Common Core State Standards and Teachers

Your Guide to The Maryland Common Core State Curriculum (July 2011).pdf

Common Core State Standards (September 2010).pdf

Assessments (PARCC and HSA's)

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.pdf

MSDE Release - Maryland Joins Effort to Develop Assessments for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities - 9-12.pdf

About the HSA's July 2011).pdf

Elimination of Government High School Assessment (April 15, 2011).pdf

Environment Education/Literacy

COMAR 13A.03.02.04C Credit Requirements-Environmental Literacy (July 11, 2011) Adopted.pdf

Environmental Education Instructional Programs for Grades Prekindergarten - 12 (October 18,2011) Adopted.pdf

Financial Literacy

Maryland Taking a Lead in Financial Literacy Education (August 2, 2011).pdf

Financial Literacy Educaton.pdf


Maryland STEM: Innovation today to meet tomorrow's global challenges

Maryland Classroom

Maryland Classroom-Maryland's 2011 Educator Effectiveness Academies (March 2011).pdf

Maryland Classsroom Volume 16, No. 2.pdf

Maryland Classroom:Focus on Transition

Maryland State Board Accepts Report on University Design For Learning (May 6, 2011).pdf

Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education in IDEA

A Guide for Serving Students with Disabilities in Physical Education
February 2009

Maryland Learning Links - Adapted PE

Vaccination Information

July 17, 2013 DHMH School Vaccination Update for Providers.pdf

Other Information

School Nurse Day on May 6, 2015 - Governor's Proclamation

Emergency Planning Guidelines 2013.pdf

Revisions to Maryland Student Record System Manual (June 21, 2011 - Permission to Publish).pdf

Contact Information
Sarah Spross, Chief
Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Educator Effectiveness
Nonpublic School Approval Branch
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  (410) 767-0409
Fax:  (410) 333-8963
Email:  sspross@msde.state.md.us
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