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Programs > Environmental Programs
Environmental Health


Maryland Public Television & Johns Hopkins School of Public Health present:

EnviroHealth Connections

EnviroHealth Connections - Explore the relationship between the environment and human health

Air/Atmosphere                              Food & Nutrition

Cancer                                         Toxicology

Water/Land/Soil                             Societal Issues

NIH Curriculum Supplement Modules (in concert with BSCS)



  • Cell Biology and Cancer
  • Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases


  • Chemicals, the Environment, and You: Explorations in Science and Human Health

National Institute of Environmental Health

A complete lesson bank, presentations and interactives for all grade levels.
Find a variety of educational materials, many of which are standards-based, to expose your students to environmental health concepts.


ArcLEsson  AgriSecurity: Containing Hoof and Mouth Disease
Students learn about Hoof and Mouth Disease and analyze the risk of disease infection on farms. A GIS -- ArcExplorer - Java Edition for Education -- will be used to develop a list of farms along a route traveled by an infected animal.  GIS and the spatial data (an aerial photograph, route of the animal, and farms) are used to help students consider the spatial aspect to agricultural security.


Other Resources

Contact Information
Gary Hedges, Science Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201




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