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1. Service-Learning Contact Information

Coordinator: Margaret Taibi, Harford County Public Schools
Telephone: 410-809-6065
Fax: 410-588-5370
E-mail: margaret.taibi@hcps.org
Website: www.hcps.org

2. Teacher Fellows (see overview)

Gregory Lynch, 2008, Patterson Mill High School, Harford County, Gregory.lynch@hcps.org 

Forton-Lee Memorial Softball Game,  Sherry Unger Winner December 2006 & January 2007


Books for New Orleans

Early in 2006, an e-mail from Jodi Lavin at the Maryland State Department of education was sent requesting new and used books for the New Orleans Public Library which had been devastated by hurricane Katrina. The library planned to use the books to restock their shelves. Any extra books would be used for a book sale, with the proceeds benefiting the libraries. As the devastating effects of the hurricane’s damage were continually aired in the broadcast news, many students felt sorrow and pain for the victims. Most students did not have an avenue to help and assist the victims of the catastrophe. The book collection presented an easy, personal way they could help. The posters, announcements and advertisements provided students with a constant reminder of the victims, and a small way to touch their lives. The students, faculty and staff collected over 300 books for the project.

Layne Restrick, 2005, Edgewood High School (English), Harford County, 410-612-1500, Bethany.Restrick@hcps.org

The Teacher Who Changed My Life

Teacher Appreciation Week seems to usually only recognize elementary school teachers.  High school teachers rarely receive any recognition or tokens of appreciation from their students and families during Teacher Apperception Week.  My students created a project during Teacher Appreciation Week to let the Edgewood High School (EHS) faculty know how much they meant to them.

Michael Daniel, 2002, Bel Air High School, 410-638-4600, michael.daniel@hcps.org  

Senior Government Social Issues

This service-learning project, which continually produces outstanding reactions from students, is the soup kitchen portion of the social issues project in my senior government classes. Students select an issue, research the topic, then carry out a service project on the topic.

Patricia Ritz, 1999, Bel Air Middle School (Math, SEM), (410) 638-4140, patricia.ritz@hcps.org  

In my service experience, I have led students as individuals, classes and teams in service projects dealing with issues such as care of the elderly and/or disabled, protecting endangered species, and aiding hurricane victims.

Linn Griffiths, 1997, C. Milton Wright High School, 410-638-4110, linn.griffiths@hcps.org Inactive

Grasses in the Classes at C. Milton Wright

Since 2000, biology classes at C. Milton Wright High School have grown submerged aquatic vegetation known as wild celery in their classrooms as part of the "Grasses in Classes" project sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Grasses are planted by students in the Bay to help improve the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, environmental science classes test water quality of local streams in the Bynum Run Watershed, compile and interpret the results, and write reports with their findings to the Maryland Department of the Environment and Maryland Save Our Streams.

Pauline Frantz, 1996, Magnolia Middle School Retired

1998: Primary Election Day occurred soon after school started in September. Voter turn out was 30%. As we discussed this in class students decided to initiate various activities to increase voter turn out. We also decided to include activities to promote student voting as our county is involved in a program called Kids Voting which hopes to get al students to the polls on General Election Day. Hopefully voter turn out will increase and students will go to the polls due to our many activities.

1996:"Honoring Our Veterans" is a service-learning project in which the students go and thank the veterans of the community and Perry Point Hospital for their service to our country. Students visit the hospital with gifts (ie. homemade poster cards). In honor of the veterans of the school community, cards were mailed, veterans were interviewed, a wall of heroes display and posters were displayed in businesses throughout the community. The American Legion was also presented with posters and cards. The students will also be speaking via phone contact to the troops serving in Bosnia.

Contact Information
Julie Ayers, Service-Learning Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-0358
Fax:  410-333-8010
Email:  jayers@msde.state.md.us
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