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Programs > Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Maryland’s Plan for Implementing Teacher and Principal Evaluation

Maryland submitted its plan for completing the implementation of Teacher and Principal Evaluation to the U.S. Department of Education in January 2013. The plan uses a combination of narrative and exhibits to demonstrate Maryland’s intent.

Maryland’s Plan for Implementing TPE


A. TPE Communication #1

B. TPE Communication #2

C. TPE Communications #3 - #7

D. Maryland State Teacher Instrument

E. Maryland State Principal Instrument

F. Maryland State Teacher Instrument Appendices

G. Maryland State Principal Instrument Appendices

H. Transitioning Educator Effectiveness Over 
    Three Years

I. Evaluation Capacity Demonstration

J. TPE Implementation Timeline

K. TPE Professional Development

L. SLO Phase 1 & Phase 2 Training PowerPoints

M. TPE Field Test Implementation Grants

N. Implementation Grants Distribution Rationale

O. Field Test Monitor

P. Field Test Simulation: Sample Qualitative Data

Q. Expanded Timeline For Completing and 
    Evaluating Field Testing

R. Field Test Meeting; January 29, 2013

S. LEA Requirements for TPE

T. TPE Implementation Grants Form

U. Maryland’s Tiered Achievement Index

V. Lag Data Circle Chart


Contact Information
Tiara Booker-Dwyer
Office of Leadership Development and School Improvement
Maryland State Department of Education
200 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-2595
Office Phone: 410.767.3676
 Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Teacher and Principal Evaluation Homepage
 Teacher and Principal Evaluation Guidebook
Chapter 3: Piloting Teacher Evaluation in Maryland
 TPE Timeline
TPE Timeline
Transitioning Educator Effectiveness To Full Implementation Over Three Years
Expanded Field Test Timeline
Evaluative Capacity Demonstration
Maryland’s Plan for Implementing Teacher and Principal Evaluation
 Outreach and Trainings
Professional Development for Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Jan 29th LEA Meeting
 Implementation Grants
TPE Field Test Implementation Grants
TPE Grant Distribution Description and Rationale
 Field Test Monitoring
RFQ TPE Field Test Independent Evaluator
Field Test Feedback Qualitative Data
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