As of September 2011, all local school systems are required to offer a program of instruction in financial literacy education for students in grades 3-12. Each program of instruction must be aligned to the Maryland Personal Financial Literacy State Curriculum described below.

The Maryland State Curriculum for Personal Financial Literacy Education

Grades 3-12 Standards

Standard 1:
Make informed, financially responsible decisions
Students will apply financial literacy reasoning in order to make informed, financially responsible decisions.

Standard 2:
Relate careers, education, and income
Students will relate choices regarding their education and career paths to earning potential.

Standard 3:
Plan and manage money
Students will develop skills to plan and manage money effectively by identifying financial goals and developing spending plans.

Standard 4:
Manage credit and debt
Students will develop skills to make informed decisions about incurring debt and maintaining credit worthiness.

Standard 5:
Create and build wealth
Students will develop skills to plan and achieve long-term goals related to saving and investing in order to build financial security and wealth.

Standard 6:
Manage risks and preserve wealth
Students will develop financial planning skills to minimize financial setbacks.


For More Information on Personal Financial Literacy Education In Maryland Please Contact:

Dr. Lynne M. Gilli
Program Manager
Career and Technology Education Instructional Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Career and College Readiness
410.767.0518 voice, 410.333.8666 fax


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