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Assistance to Low-Achieving Schools through the Race to the Top Grant

As part of the Breakthrough Center, Maryland’s Statewide System of Support, and in accordance with the State’s Race to the Top Grant, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) provides support to low-achieving schools in districts throughout the State.  MSDE works collaboratively with district and school based leadership staff to design and implement professional development for school leaders and their staffs.


The goals of the partnership are to:

  • To improve teacher knowledge of both subject matter and effective instructional strategies related to the transition to the Common Core Standards, and
  • To build the capacity of school leadership teams to provide job-embedded professional development. 

Through collaborative planning, MSDE and school-based instructional leadership staff design professional development activities that address school needs in the areas of English/language arts and mathematics.  Activities focus on deepening subject area content and strengthening instructional strategies through workshops, unit planning, content development, lesson planning and differentiated professional development for teachers based on their needs. 


Targeted Participants


This support is designed for principals, assistant principals, coaches, department chairpersons, English/language arts and mathematics teachers, special education teachers, and teachers of English language learners.


Partnership Benefits


  • A job-embedded professional opportunity that informs the participants about the subject area content and strategies that improve school performance and student achievement
  • A professional learning environment that promotes knowledge building and opportunities for collaboration and planning

Contact Information


Dr. Mary Minter, Interim Executive Director of the Breakthrough Center

Maryland State Department of Education
Division of Academic Policy and Innovation
200 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-767-1036 (office)
410-419-6279 (cell)

Email: Mary.Minter@maryland.gov


Robert Glascock, The Breakthrough Center

Maryland State Department of Education

200 West Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21201


Email: rglascock@msde.state.md.us

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