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Race to the Top Implementation

From National Leader to World-Class
Maryland has a very good public school system; for a large number of students, it is outstanding. By many measures, the State leads the nation. Spurred by the Race to the Top competition, Maryland is now committed to going from national leader to world-class — not only for some students, but for all students. The State Board of Education’s mission could not be clearer: to create a world-class system preparing students for college and career success in the 21st century.


World-class means recognizing and acting on the new reality that a high school diploma is just the starting point; preparing students to succeed in college or careers is the new North Star. World-class means ensuring that all students, including those who traditionally have struggled, benefit from excellent teaching and learning. World-class means once and for all closing the achievement gaps that continue to exist in far too many schools. In making the leap from national leader to world-class, Maryland has an important head start over most states. The Race to the Top process has given the State a golden opportunity to assess its strengths, get clearer about its weaknesses, and build the broad-based understanding and support necessary to undertake the even harder work ahead.


Please visit Maryland’s Race to the Top website by clicking here.


Contact Information


Mary L. Gable, Assistant State Superintendent
Maryland State Department of Education

200 West Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21201


Email: mgable@msde.state.md.us




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