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Maryland's Race to the Top (RTTT)

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On August 24, 2010, Maryland was awarded one of the federal government’s coveted Race to the Top grants in the amount of $250 million over four years. The RTTT program is aimed at boosting student achievement, reducing gaps in achievement among student subgroups, turning around struggling schools, and improving the teaching profession.

Maryland has one of the nation's most honored systems of public education, but for our State to continue to be competitive our schools must continue to improve.  President Barack Obama, in announcing the $4.35 billion Race to the Top initiative last year, said the program is based on a simple principle: "whether a state is ready to do what works."  Maryland is not only ready, but willing and able to continue the progress that has been made.

MSDE worked with our local school systems and a variety of partners to put together Maryland's winning plan.  We are determined to continue our State’s momentum.


Maryland’s vision for reform is to:

  • Revise the PreK-12 Maryland State Curriculum, assessments, and accountability system based on the Common Core Standards to assure that all graduates are college- and career-ready.
  • Build a statewide technology infrastructure that links all data elements with analytic and instructional tools to monitor and promote student achievement.
  • Redesign the model for preparation, development, retention, and evaluation of teachers and principals.
  • Fully implement the innovative Breakthrough Center approach for transforming low-performing schools and districts.

Race to the Top is part of the federal government's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program.

Contact Information
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
 RTTT Resources
RTTT Resources
 Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Teacher and Principal Evaluation Guidebook, April 2012
Student Learning Objective (SLO) Guiding Questions for Teachers, July 2012
Professional Development Calendar 2012-13
 Preparing World-Class Students
New! Brochure - Spring 2012 (PDF)
New! PowerPoint - Spring 2012 (PDF)
New! Video - Spring 2012 (wmv)
New! Video - Spring 2012 (mov)
 Performance Compensation
Performance Compensation
 Teachers' Top 10 Questions about Race to the Top
Teachers' Top 10 Questions about Race to the Top
 RTTT Progress Reports
June - July 2015
RTTT Monthly Progress Reports Archive
 RTTT Executive Summary
Executive Summary of Maryland's Race to the Top Application
 RTTT Budget
RTTT Budget, Part I
RTTT Budget, Part II
 State Scope of Work Approval - 4/8/2011
State Scope of Work Approval - 4/8/2011
 Maryland Council for Educator Effectiveness
The Maryland Council for Educator Effectiveness
Initial Recommendations Statewide Educator Evaluation System
 Maryland Classroom
May 2013
Maryland Classroom Archive
 RTTT Monthly Update
May 2013
RTTT Monthly Update Archive
 RTTT Strategic Communication Framework
RTTT Strategic Communication Framework
RTTT Communication Tools, Appendix 1
Communications Plan for MCEE Educator Evaluation System Recommendations
 RTTT PowerPoint - 2010
RTTT PowerPoint (PDF)
 RTTT Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards MSDE Page
MD Common Core Curriculum Frameworks
Your Guide to The Maryland Common Core State Curriculum
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)
CCSSO Common Core Implementation Video Series
 RTTT Press Releases
RTTT Press Releases
 RTTT Application
RTTT Application
RTTT Appendices
Education Evaluation Fact Sheet
Maryland's Reform Plan RTTT (Brief Overview)
Memorandum of Understanding
Executive Advisory Committee
 RTTT Printed Materials
September 2010, Progress Report
Maryland's 3rd Wave of Reform Brochure
RTTT Summary
Education Evaluation Fact Sheet
Your Guide to The Maryland Common Core State Curriculum
 Participating LEAs
Participating LEAs
LEA Monitoring Plan
 RTTT Videos
RTTT Videos
Teachers' Top 10 Questions about Race to the Top
 RTTT U.S. Department of Education links
U.S. Department of Education RTTT info
Federal Fact Sheet
President Obama’s Remarks
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