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Principals' Task Force

The following final report of this task force was presented to the Governor's P-20 Leadership Council on May 5, 2009: 

Governor's Principals' Task Force Report


In October 2008, Governor Martin O’Malley’s P-20 Leadership Council agreed to convene a task force to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to address critical questions concerning the recruitment, retention, and development of qualified principals in the state.

The Governor asked Mary Cary, Assistant Superintendent, Maryland State Department of Education, and Dr. Betty Morgan, Superintendent, Washington County Public Schools, to co-chair the Principals’ Task Force.  The task force members are a broadly representative group of individuals who will deliberate on the Governor’s charge during the 2008-2009 academic year.

To fulfill the task force’s charge, it was important that the Principals’ Task Force hear from the many sectors of the education community. Stakeholders were invited to present in writing recommendations for solutions to one or more of the many overlapping facets of the concerns facing Maryland to ensure that each school has an outstanding leader.

1.    Principal recruitment (for example, alternative certification, mentoring programs, and professional development experiences)

2.    Principal development (for example, professional development experiences and mentoring)

3.    Principal retention  (for example, tuition reimbursement, bonuses and stipends, and rewards)

The final report will be presented to the P-20 Leadership Council in June 2009.


This Principals' Task Force is responsible for the following charge developed by the Governor's Leadership Council.

School leadership is a key to enhancing student achievement and a key to developing a productive citizenry and a world-class workforce. Nevertheless, the Maryland State Board of Education has identified a critical shortage of principals in the state. To address this shortage, the Principals’ Task Force shall develop a plan of recommended actions to provide additional support for current principals and create a pipeline for the training of future principals and other school leaders.

 In developing the plan, the Task Force shall:

  • develop a clearer understanding of the current and emerging roles of school principals;

  • identify efficient and effective means to provide guidance to school leaders through the Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework;

  •  identify best practices for recruiting, developing, and retaining principals in Maryland;

  •  identify the characteristics of successful leaders in Maryland schools, especially those who have been successful in challenging circumstances;

  • discuss alternative pathways to principal licensure;

  • discuss core standards for the evaluation of principals; and

  •  identify strategies to promote organizational structures that distribute school leadership responsibilities and allow principals to enhance their roles as instructional leaders.

Contact Information
Dr. James V. Foran, Assistant State Superintendent
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone:  410-767-0368
Fax:  410-333-3867
Email:  jforan@msde.state.md.us
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P-20 Partnership
 Principals' Task Force
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