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Fact Sheets
Maryland State Department of Education Fact Sheets

What services are available to homeless children? Who is eligible for prekindergarten? Do individual students receive scores on the MSA? Why do we need Common Core Standards? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the MSDE Fact Sheets and they're only a click away. The easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format provides answers to many of the questions asked most frequently by parents, teachers and the general public. Just review the categories below and select the topic you want to learn more about. It's easy, it's simple and it's a quick way to get the latest information for yourself or others.

Teaching Standards/Professional Development
Fact 30: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Fact 34: Reading Content Requirements for Maryland Teachers
Fact 34a: Proposed Reading Content Requirements: A Teacher's Guide
Fact 51: Quality Teacher Incentives
Fact 53: State Approval of Educator Preparation Programs
Fact 60: Federal Perkins Loan Program
Fact 85: Educator Evaluations
Fact 87: Teacher Professional Development
Fact 88: Teacher Induction

School Reform
Fact 1: High School Assessments
Fact 20c: School Performance Recognition Program
Fact 78: Maryland School Assessment
Fact 86: Common Core State Standards
Fact 89: National Assessment of Educational Progress
Fact 90: Career and Technology Education
Early Learning
Fact 28: Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)
Fact 31: Prekindergarten
Fact 39: Maryland Model for School Readiness
Fact 49: Mandatory Kindergarten Attendance: Level of Maturity Waiver
Fact 65: Full-Day Kindergarten
Fact 69: Head Start and Early Head Start
Fact 72: Adult Education/Judy Center Partnerships
Fact 77: Office of Child Care
Fact 18: SAILOR
Fact 58: Maryland K-12 Online
Special Topics
Fact 4: Service Learning
Fact 9: Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings:
Special Education Mediation
Fact 21: Character Education
Fact 24: Education That Is Multicultural
Fact 36: School Entry Age
Fact 37: School Nutrition Programs
Fact 40: Questions About School Enrollment
Fact 45: Gifted and Talented Education
Fact 55: Maryland Teacher of the Year
Fact 56: Milken National Educator Award
Fact 57: Blue Ribbon Schools Program
Fact 59: Network of Partnership Schools
Fact 61: Dealing with Trauma
Fact 63: Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools
Fact 67: 21st Century Community Learning Centers
Fact 79: Transfer of Educational Records for Students
in State-supervised Care
Fact 82: Children In State-Supervised Care:
Enrollment and Educational Decisions
Fact 83:

Longitudinal Data System for Education in Maryland

Fact 84:

Informal Kinship Care

Fact 92: Juvenile Services Education Program
Fact 93: School Counseling Program
Fact 94: Parent Involvement Matters Award (PIMA) Program

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