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Press Release: Maryland Continues To Be Among Top States In Latest Study

National Publication Dramatically Alters Formula for Ranking

For Immediate Release                                                        Contact: Bill Reinhard, 410-767-0486

Baltimore, MD (January 8, 2015)

The Maryland public school system remains among the nation’s highest rated school systems again this year, according to a independent national report released today, despite removing most state policies as a metric for its rankings.

Education Week, a national education newspaper, had ranked Maryland number one in the nation from 2009 through 2013, based on a composite score derived from performance and policies across six broad categories.  The publication decided against issuing a composite score for states across those categories last year, and this year removed a significant number of factors from its formula. 

By removing three categories for which Maryland had long been a top performer, the State moved from first place to third.  Massachusetts ranks first with a B (86.2).  New Jersey (85.5), Maryland (85.2) and Vermont (83), also received B grades.

Maryland’s overall standing in the newly updated categories actually improved.  Maryland receive a B in “Chance for Success” (moving up from eighth to seventh in the nation); and a B in “School Finance” (moving from eighth to fifth in the nation).  Education Week kept the “K-12 Achievement” category, but did not update the information.  Maryland remains second in the nation with a B in that category.

Cut from this year’s formula is “Transitions and Alignment,” a category focusing on pre K and college access policies, for which Maryland had received an A in 2013.  Also gone is “Standards, Assessment, and Accountability,” focusing on curriculum and testing policies, in which Maryland had received a B+ when it was most recently calculated in 2012.  Finally, Education Week removed a category for “The Teaching Profession,” culled from teacher quality and educator preparation data, for which Maryland ranked third in the nation with a B+ in 2012. 

Today’s announcement by Education Week continues Maryland’s long history of success in the annual review.  Maryland has consistently worked to strengthen policies and improve student achievement.  The State placed third in 2008, the first year the publication issued a comprehensive ranking, before gaining the top spot for the 2009 “Quality Counts” report.   For more information, see the Education Week website,