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Media Alert: Gifted and Talented Students To Research Local Conservation Issues During Maryland Summer Center For Geospatial Technologies

Funding Provided By The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

For Immediate Release                             Contact: William Reinhard, 410-767-0486

Baltimore, MD (July 18, 2014)

WHAT:   The Maryland Summer Center for Geospatial Technologies is designed to offer gifted and talented students the opportunity use geospatial technologies to conduct research on a variety of local conservation issues while working in collaborative research teams to develop a research question. The teams will collect and analyze Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and remote sensing data to create and implement an action plan.

The 2014 Maryland Summer Centers Program continues a 46 year commitment at the State level to provide summer educational opportunities for Maryland’s gifted and talented students. The program, coordinated through the Maryland State Department of Education, in partnership with public and nonpublic agencies, provides Maryland’s diverse gifted and talented student population with advanced, rigorous, experiential learning opportunities that nurture these students’ talents and abilities within unique learning environments.

WHO:   Gifted and Talented students, entering grades 4 – 8, interested in using geospatial technologies to not only receive signals from outer space, but also see the world from space.

WHEN:      July 15–25, 2014

WHERE:   Maryland Agriculture Resource Council Office (Baltimore County)
                 1114 Shawan Road
                 Cockeysville, MD  21030

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