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Tips for Learning Language

Tips for Learning Language

Moving Words

  • Talk about what your child is doing
  • Tell your child what you are doing
  • Play moving games: kick, blow bubbles, hit a balloon, clap your hands
  • Help your child experience the action

Moving to Learn

  • Crawl under a table, through a box, or over a mound of pillows
  • Get in and out of a tire
  • Get on and off of a stool
  • Pretend to be an animal, move and sound like it

New Words

  • Use gestures and pictures to help learn new words like "bye-bye," or "give me"
  • Learning is easier and more fun in natural situations—kick, birds, up, down
  • Say it again and again
  • Put a picture on each doorway and label it each time you pass through
  • Help with chores—folding, labeling, sorting


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