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Publications and Information

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Discipline of Students with Disabilities: 


Early Childhood Intervention and Education:

Maryland Individualized Education Program (IEP):

Maryland State Improvement Grant (MSIG):

Parentally Placed Private School Students with Disabilities:

Parent Surrogate Manual:

Parents' Guide to Habilitative Services

Professional Development for Student Achievement:

School Psychologists in the Identification of ED - NEW 2013

State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) FFY2008:

Technical Assistance Bulletins and Guidance Documents 

Transition Planning:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Task Force to Explore the Incorporation of the Principles of UDL into the Education Systems in MD HB-59 & SB-467
§        Meetings Notes from 10/20/2010 meeting @ MSDE
§     Meetings Notes from 01/11/2011 meeting @ MSDE

Reports and Presentations:


Additional Resources: 

  • IDEA 2006 Special Considerations Reports I, II, III, & IV



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